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Neqtr is an app for socially conscious people looking to meet others with the same passions. You connect with others based on your common interests. Whether it’s activism, yoga, or rescuing stray animals, we help you find like-minded people who share your same passions. Because you shine your brightest when you’re doing what you love! That’s how we make giving back sexy.

We’ve made Neqtr available exclusively to those who believe in a better world and a healthier self. That’s because we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to making connections that last, and we know you do too. Music to your ears? Download the app.


Connect Over Passions

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Connections built on positive shared passions are difficult to find. You have a lot to offer, and so you want more. We get that. That’s why we have created this tribe. Find a yoga buddy, a workout partner, or friends to organize an animal rights rally with. Do good for the world and for yourself, and meet amazing people like you in the process.

Neqtr Tribe

Sonya Davis


Wolfgang Wedemeyer

Cofounder/Lead Architect

Amy Fan

Cofounder/VP Engineering

Mariela De La Mora

Marketing & Strategy


Cuddle Monster


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